Doug Schneider

Apostolic Overseer: Oshawa, Ontario

Doug Schneider serves Global Canada as its Apostolic Overseer. He brings over three decades of leadership experience at The Embassy Church in Oshawa (suburb of Toronto). Doug has a wealth of knowledge and a clear understanding of global matters concerning kingdom government. 




Alain Caron

Apostolic Leader (eastern Canada) Gatineau, Quebec

A seismic wave of revolution is about to shake our world thanks to the emergence of apostolic centres.  With the wisdom gained from developing his home church’s apostolic model, Alain shares on how to transform today’s churches into dynamic training and sending centres.




Landen Dorsch

Apostolic Leader (western Canada) Leduc, Alberta

Landen is a gifted communicator and leader. At the core of his ministry is a pursuit to empower others for Kingdom activity. He comes with love and hope in his heart, believing always that things can be better.