Shift Canada 150 Testimonials

Chuck Pierce, Randy Clark and John Arnott endorsements for Shift Canada!

"We are living in an apostolic season when the Church is shifting into Kingdom advancement. I don't know of a place where this will be better accomplished than at Shift Canada 150 on November 10-11. This gathering will help you understand the shift that is going on in the Body of Christ. This ministry of Global Canada is key for the nation!"

- Dr. Chuck D. Pierce - President, Global Spheres Inc. & Glory of Zion Intl.


"Doug Schneider is a humble man, yet bold in faith, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. He has spent almost his whole life pursuring God and His ways. He loves revival and with the Global Canada Shift 150 Movement, Doug is desiring to work with Holy Spirit to see cultural transformation. I encourage all leaders and intercessors, pastors and theologians of Canada and beyond, to join Doug in Global Canada Shift 150". 

  - Dr. Randy Clark 

"This is a national event for revival and transformation of Canada. We're excited to be a part of it and see it as a key piece that will help fulfill God's end time purpose for our nation". - John Arnott 

September 17, 2017